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Animated Smiley Maker

2007-10-14 20:01:06 by mercmerc

Wootage...I've been wanting to make something like this for a while now. It was more or less just some JS work, but that doesn't matter, I bring you-

Animated Smiley Maker! or asm for short. (get it? (or asm[orgasm{fuck thee}]))

Go here, click 'smile maker'

1-3 frames (OMG!)
4 different frame delay speeds (O.M.G.)
Very few combinations (O.M.F.G.)

Anyway, I post this in request for eyes/mouths/bases/etc...Pweeze helpz meh? I give great blowjobs!! I Swa- yeah no? okay. we talk later yes? no....? fine.

Animated Smiley Maker


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2007-10-15 21:53:12

It's true.
His blowjobs are great.


2007-10-22 00:31:08

lol... good to see you in the Flash forum